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KULU textiles

Artisan Textiles

KULU textiles designer Emma Fallon is a hand weaver working with traditional craft techniques and digital processes in natural fibers to create contemporary, sustainable textiles. The collections range from hand woven scarves and one off art pieces to jacquard woven cushions and bespoke furniture made in collaboration with J Pryor.  The jacquard collection is woven exclusively at a UK mill and the designs are developed from drawings and paintings into complex woven structures, merging print design with weave to create intricate woven fabrics. Jacquard is a type of weaving loom that allows each thread to be lifted individually, allowing the designer to create pictorial imagery that is not restricted by the shafts on a traditional hand weaving loom.

Emma’s practice is inspired by landscape and the human connection with nature, journeying across the British Isles and documenting the land through photography and drawings to create slow textiles with narrative. The work encompasses a sense of place and aims to create a meaningful connection between people and cloth through the use of techniques rich in history and culture. Textile design is at the heart of the practice and a victorian technique called shadow tissues has been developed, combining screen printing with hand weaving by printing the warp threads before the cloth is woven. This unique process is the distinct characteristic exhibited in the cloth. The origin of materials is intrinsic to the meaning and charm of the fabric, Emma works with ethically sourced silks, natural fibres and UK mills to produce contemporary textiles, merging antiquity with the modern.