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Storr Collection. Hand Crafted Furniture

Kulu textiles and furniture maker J Pryor have collaborated to create a bespoke collection of hand crafted furniture available to order in a range of luxury fabrics and wood finishes. KULU textiles has worked with a Yorkshire mill to produce a silk fabric collection inspired by the British Isles.

Each piece is available to order and offered as a bespoke service, customers can select a fabric from the collection alongside the type of wood for a specific piece of artisan furniture. Wall panels are handwoven and available to order as commissions or from a a collection of pre woven pieces. Framed in Ash or Oak.

The Storr collection champions craftsmanship, quality and timeless design using responsibly sourced wood, natural fibres and a full UK production. For orders and stockist enquiries for hand crafted furniture and art pieces please contact